NAHCA: North American Hobie Cat Association

North American Hobie Cat Association is a group of diversified people who love sailing. There are numerous local and regional chapters from all over the world. They engage in many related activities including planning and organizing sailing lessons and seminars for for all skill levels from beginner to more advanced sailors. They also organize numerous social events for those who share the fun and competitive spirit. Organize getaway camping/sailing journeys. NAHCA members have access to boat and house swaps which allow members to switch their boats or houses with other members from around the world which allows economical and often unique vacations. NAHCA also organizes numerous endurance sails, including 40, 50 and over 100 mils long often with camping and picnics at predefined spots. Family is important to boat and sailing lovers, therefore NAHCA also organizes family fans with activities for both on and off water activities. Hobie Cat Association also publishes numerous newsletters which keeps members informed about activities of NAHCA and NAHCA member's accomplishments, trading of goods and services related to the boating industry, tips and tricks of the boating trade and numerous other features.